Help! I can’t log into my account.


Mis-typed or Incorrect Username or Password:

  • Be sure that your CAPS Lock Key is Off.
  • Re-enter your Username and Password.

Expired Account:

Your library card has an expiration date. The expiration date prompts us to confirm your contact information and change anything that has changed.


Computer Settings Prevent Access:

Sometimes the internet security settings on a patron’s desktop or laptop computer will prevent successful Adding login,   a list of trusted sites will solve this problem


Computer Firewall Settings Can Prevent Access:

Sometimes the firewall settings on a patron’s computer will block successful login. The solution to this will vary, depending on which firewall is installed and operating.


Password Error:

Occasionally, a patron’s password is incorrectly changed. This can be remedied by, Contacting the Library.


Attempting to Log in at the Wrong Web Site:

The correct catalog address is, You can link to the catalog from the library website.


Incorrect Barcode Number:

Inactive card numbers cannot be used to log in, Contact the Library to verify that your BARCODE  NUMBER is active.


Patron Account Blocked or Barred:

Patron account can become BLOCKED or BARRED for a variety of reasons. Contact the Library.


If you have any questions, please call the Reference Desk at 565-4181 Ext. 1620.