Summer Reading Program~2017

Richard Salter Storrs Library

June 12th thru August 11th, 2017

Whatever projects you have planned for this summer, Storrs Library has something for you to learn, grow, create, and create.  There are summer reading programs, special events, and prizes for all ages!   Come join us to help you build a better world!

1.  Register and receive your first Scratch Ticket for prizes.
2.  Check out items to receive a Scratch Ticket (limit: one ticket per day).
3.  Write an Online Review to receive an additional Scratch Ticket.

Some tickets will say Try Again. This means that the participant can fill out the back of the ticket to enter the grand prize raffle.

Some tickets will say Collect a Reward. This means that the participant will get a small token- a mini chocolate bar or Hoopla pen or something along those lines.

Some tickets will say Winner. This means that the participant can pick from our selection of prizes. They do not enter this ticket in the grand raffle.

Please thank our local sponsors for their support.  Prizes include a Polaroid Snap Camera and gift certificates to area restaurants and businesses.