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Storrs Library Patron Code of Conduct Policy. Storrs Library works to maintain a comfortable and inviting environment for all library users. Library users have the right to read, study, write and reflect in a calm, safe environment without disruptions from other patrons. In order to protect these rights as much as possible the library staff will enforce the following policies regarding: 

Patron Behavior 

     Behaviors which are not allowed include: 

  • Illegal activities or behaviors
  • Harassment of, or interference with, other patrons or library staff
  • Loud or abusive talking – particularly profanity
  • Excessive or loud socializing
  • Activities that disturb others
  • Misuse or damage of library property
  • Use of alcoholic beverages or any illegal drug
  • Smoking
  • Running in the building or other similar disruptive behavior

Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
Only service animals are allowed in the library
Electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) should be used in a respectful manner (silence ringer, use headphones, etc.)
Content displayed on the screens of all personal devices in the library are subject to the library’s wireless, computer and internet use policies.

We have a right to free and open access to the Library
We respect the rights of others to use the Library appropriately
We respect the Library’s collections and understand their value
We use the Library’s facilities in a manner that ensures the comfort and safety of others We respect the work of the Library’s staff to ensure a positive and safe environment
We understand the importance of zero tolerance for drugs, alcohol, harassment, discrimination or violence of any kind in the Library
We know that the library is committed to our welfare, both as a safe, welcoming place and as an institution that promotes and supports literacy and learning.

Noncompliance with the Code of Conduct 

The above Code of Conduct is not intended to be a complete list of violations, but is intended for guidance only. Library staff has the authority to determine what constitutes disruptive behavior. The library reserves the right to require anyone violating the Code of Conduct to leave library property. Failure to leave if asked may result in the police being called and a charge of criminal trespass per Mass General Code. Serious or repeated misconduct may lead to revocation of library privileges for an extended time, legal action and/or criminal prosecution.

Revised and approved by the Board of Directors of the Richard Salter Storrs Library, February 14, 2019