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The library encourages family visits and seeks to provide a welcoming and safe environment for patrons of all ages. While patrons are free to use any public area, staff cannot monitor everyone who enters and can not be responsible for unattended children of any age. Parents/guardians of children under the age of 18 are responsible for their children’s behavior and welfare in the library. The library staff is not responsible for children who are left unattended in the library. It is library policy that children under 10 years of age must be accompanied at all times by a parent, legal guardian, or other caregiver of at least 14 years of age, who acknowledges responsibility for the child during their entire stay in the library. It is the caregiver’s responsibility to insure that a child under 10 years of age leaves the library safely. If the responsible caregiver cannot be found at closing, staff will first try to call them. If they cannot be reached, or fail to arrive within a reasonable time (15 minutes), staff shall call the police who will take responsibility for the child and for locating the caregiver. Under no circumstances are staff allowed to use their personal vehicle to transport a child from library property.