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Beanstack Tails and Tales

This year, participants in the Storrs Summer Reading Program will be able to use Beanstack, an online platform, to log reading and activities to earn Badges.  When a child earns a Badge, they receive tickets.  Tickets can be used to enter any Weekly Prize raffle or the Grand Prize.

Here’s How it’s Done

  1. Log onto:
  2. Answer the question, “Who would you like to register?” by either clicking on:
    • I am an adult registering a child
      • Fill out the form and click Next,
    • I would like to register another adult
      • Fill out the form and click Next.
  3. You may register your whole family using one account or family members can create their own accounts.
  4. Under the “Register Today for Summer Reading” banner in the upper left of your screen, there will be a drop-down button if you have registered more than one person.
  5. To register for one of our Reading Challenges, use that button to select the person you would like to register.
  6. In the middle of your screen, the appropriate Reading Challenge will appear for that person, based on the information you entered.
  7. Click on “Register for this Challenge.”  Your first Badge with tickets will be unlocked!

Logging Reading

Children from birth through entering grade 6 are going to log the time they spend reading or someone reads to them.  Audiobooks and video recorded books definitely count!

  1. On the top right-hand side of the Summer Reading homepage, click on Log Reading and Activities in the purple box (which will turn green when you hover over it).
  2. Answer the question: “Who would you like to log for?” by selecting your child’s name.
  3. Answer the question: “What would you like to log?” by clicking on Minutes.
  4. Select the day your child read, or you read to your child.
  5. Enter the number of minutes or hours your child read in this format:
    • If your child reads 30 minutes, you will write: 30m
    • If your child reads 1 hour, you will write: 1h
    • If your child reads 1 hour and 30 minutes, you will write: 1h30m
  6. Optionally, you may enter the Title and Author of each book your child reads.
  7. In this program, children will earn tickets for each review they write, draw, or build.
  8. Click Log.
  9. Every time you unlock a Badge, you will earn tickets.

Logging Activities

In addition to logging in reading, children from birth through entering grade 6 can log a variety of activities to win Badges and tickets.

  1. On the top right-hand side of the Summer Reading homepage, click on Log Reading and Activities in the purple box (which will turn green when you hover over it).
  2. Click on an activity your child has done or you and your child have done together, for example, “Fun and Play.”
  3. Click on the activity or activities completed, for example, “Sidewalk chalk your driveway” or “Cook a meal with your family.”
  4. Each Badge will tell you how many of the activities you need to complete to earn tickets.

Entering Raffles

Once your child has earned tickets by logging in reading and activities, you can choose to enter those tickets in any of the Weekly Prize raffles or the Grand Prize.

You can always check your child’s progress by clicking on Return to this Challenge, then clicking on one of the tabs toward the top of the page under the title of the program.

Paper Log

If you and/or your child prefer to keep a paper reading log this summer, click HERE TO PRINT PAGE 1 and HERE TO PRINT PAGE 2 of the Storrs Library 2021 Tails and Tales Summer Reading Log for Children.  Logs will NOT be checked by Library Staff. Instead, families are encouraged to keep track of their own reading and listening all summer long! If the participating child would like to enter for a chance to win a Weekly Raffle Prize, Logs will be collected between August 21 and August 27. The final Weekly Prize Raffle will be drawn on August 28. The prize is an Ice Cream Kit, which includes a gift card to Batch Ice Cream, an ice cream scoop and ice cream bowls. 

Week 8 Paper Log Prize: Ice Cream Kit

Dinosaur Raffle

Dinosaur Raffle

ALL children are encouraged to enter for a chance to win “Brachio Book” the Dinosaur. Submissions can be entered from June 24-August 28 by clicking HERE. The winner will be announced on August 30.

Please note the Dinosaur measurements: 43 inches in height, 83 inches in length and weighs about 20 pounds. The winner is responsible for picking up “Brachio Book” from the Library by September 10. 

The 2021 Statewide Summer Reading Program is sponsored by the Storrs Library, The Massachusetts Regional Library System, the Boston Bruins, & the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and the Institute of Museum and Library Services with support from the National Women’s Hockey League team Boston Pride..