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Town of Longmeadow Update COVID-19 Coronavirus 

Update on the Town’s Phase 2 and 3 Vaccination Clinics  

For Immediate Release: February 13, 2021

Last night, we were informed by the Department of Public Health that our weekly allotment of 100 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine would NOT be fulfilled. Immediately preceding this notice was an announcement that 30 CVS locations would be receiving an additional 12,000 doses of the vaccine. Out of the 30 locations, only 3 are located in Western Massachusetts and all 3 are in Hampden County.

At this time, the municipal clinics scheduled next week have been cancelled. If you have an appointment at the Greenwood Center clinic next week we will contact you on Tuesday. We have no information on when first doses will be committed to the town again. We have been informed by DPH that second doses would be honored for our clinic and appointments already scheduled for a second dose will be maintained for the time being.

In anticipation of our municipal vaccination clinics, we successfully recruited 450 volunteers. With the help of these volunteers, the Town successfully ran four vaccination clinics the week of February 8, vaccinating 201 eligible residents without waste. We watched some of our oldest residents enter Greenwood Center, be greeted and assisted upon sign in, be escorted to a vaccination booth, observed after the vaccination, and then leave the clinic with a second appointment already scheduled. Transportation was arranged for residents who couldn’t drive and plans were being made for vaccinations of homebound residents. Working with staff at the Council on Aging/Adult Center, we were able to quickly identify the most at-risk individuals and target our clinics to meet their needs. The entire process from arriving at the clinic to leaving with a second appointment took approximately 35 minutes. These are some of the reasons that municipally run clinics can be so successful, we know our residents and understand their needs.

The behind the scenes work to set up this clinic could not have been done without the amazing COVID vaccine team consisting of: Fire Captain (ret) Andy Fraser; Fire Captain (ret) Karl Zinnack; COVID-19 Public Health Coordinator Cheryl Messer- Lusty; Firefighter/Paramedic Connor Courtney; Vaccine schedulers Mike Barbieri and Christine George; and Volunteer Scheduler Lindsay Gill. Outreach Coordinator Julie Pearce and Adult Center Director Jim Leyden provided assistance in reaching our vulnerable population. We also want to acknowledge and thank the many volunteers that called seniors to make appointments, drove our seniors to the clinic, did check-in, prepared vaccinations, vaccinated, and served as medical observers.

Special recognition is also needed for all of the DPW and Fire Department staff who provide the logistical support for the clinic. The capacity of the clinic at Greenwood Center was set up to accommodate 400 vaccinations a day with the ability to add an additional 600 if supply increased. With this capacity, we estimated the population of all adult residents could be vaccinated in 4 weeks (if supply was increased above the 100 doses/week previously committed).

If the State makes changes to the vaccine allotment for municipal clinics in the future, we will review our clinic plans and provide an update to the residents, and Town of Longmeadow staff. Thank you for your continued support.