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Last Updated: 09-29-2017

  1. A Public Library patrons will have one C/W MARS card which will be good at all public and some academic libraries in the network. Academic library patrons will have a card issued by their college and this card will also be good at other C/W MARS academic libraries. A student or faculty member that uses both their college and public library will have two cards. Patrons with multiple C/W MARS cards will be asked to retain their home library card if possible. Users Council
  2. All C/W MARS libraries agree on common blocking thresholds, and most also agree on common loan periods and fine rates (see separate policies).
  3. C/W MARS circulating libraries agree to collect each other’s fine money for overdue items and to keep the collected fine money.
  4. All libraries will be allowed to update patron records to reflect accurate information with verification. Only the academic institution will be able to update academic patron records.
  5. The “Home Library location code in the patron record will reflect the town in which the patron resides. Non C/W MARS and out of state patrons will have separate location codes. These home library codes will provide nonresident circulation statistics. The academic patron record home library will be the academic institution associated with the patron.
  6. Libraries agree that the overdue notice will be issued when an item is two weeks overdue and the billing letter will go out when the item is four weeks overdue.
  7. Libraries agree that at $5 in fines will cause the amount on the Check Out Screen to display in a color that  acts as an alert so that staff will warn the patrons of the amount. (Amounts owed alway display on the screen, but at $5 point, the display color will change.)
  8. Libraries agree that at $10 in fines or when the billing letter is issued, patrons will be blocked.
  9. C/W MARS will hold global circ coping meetings shortly after going live on Innovative.  The meetings may coincide with the annual circulation meetings planned for October, 1999.
  10. *C/W MARS recommends libraries have one default replacement cost per library and that they enter the price in the item records.